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BSS 2000 Resurfacing System

BSS 2000 Resurfacing Track and Field Surface System 

The BSS 2000 Resurfacing System is a revolutionary Beynon Sports manufacturing and installation process that restores the appearance and texture of your existing track and field surface, and dramatically enhances the feel under foot. Beynon Sports' BSS 2000 Resurfacing System not only improves aesthetics, but can bring rubber sheet good products and aged two-component polyurethane systems to within IAAF performance parameters.

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Transforming the Old. Perfecting the New

Over a short period of time, a rubber sheet good sports surface will become hard and demonstrate a dramatic decrease in resiliency as plasticizers leach out from the product. The result is a firm, brittle sports surface that is uncomfortable to train on, and can potentially cause injury to athletes. The BSS 2000 Resurfacing System corrects this deficiency, and offers a range of solutions - from renovating the appearance of the surface to providing an analysis of the existing force reduction of the facility to determine if the track meets IAAF performance standards and, if not, establishing the thickness and desired texture to ensure IAAF certification is reached.

Among the BSS 2000 Resurfacing System's key benefits:

  • Made in the USA
  • Extends the life of your existing surface
  • Optimal performance while maximizing your value
  • Improved Force Reduction, Feel Under Foot, and Resiliency
  • Significantly less expensive than replacing your old surface
Full Pour Polyurethane

Existing Rubber Sheet Good or Polyurethane Surface

Leveling Layer
   Multiple ranges of thicknesses
   Chemically bonded
   Increased Force Reduction
   Enhanced Feel Under Foot

Wear Layer
  Multiple texture options

Contains SBR
Dependent on the condition of the existing surface and needs of venue

Adhesion to Substrate

IAAF Certified
Both rubber sheet goods and aged 2-C Polyurethane can be brought to within IAAF performance standards

3rd Party Warranty

Force Reduction
35 - 50%

Vertical Deformation
0.6MM - 2.5MM

Coefficient of Friction
>/ 0.5 (47 TRRL Scale)

Tensile Strength
>/ 0.5 Mpa

Elongation at Break
>/ 40%

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