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BSS 300

BSS 300 - Running Track & Field Surface

The IAAF certified BSS 300 running track is a durable, all-weather, flood and chip sandwich system with excellent shock absorption and the highest return of energy. It’s impermeable, resilient, and fast, and can take on anything that comes its way.

The Dual Durometer Sandwich system features a paved-in-place polyurethane basemat, topped with a two-component seal coat and finished with a flow-applied layer of two-component polyurethane and embedded or encapsulated texture.

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Superior Physical Properties. IAAF Certified Best In Class

Built on more than 30 years of Beynon experience and backed by a five year warranty, this dual durometer system features a polyurethane-bound black rubber base mat, topped with a two-component polyurethane seal coat. The surface is finished with a flow-applied layer of two-component polyurethane and your choice of Embedded, Encapsulated, or our Hobart texture. The result is a durable, resilient all-weather surface that exceeds IAAF performance standards for athletic tracks.

Paved-In-Place Basemat

Seal Coat

Wear Layer
   2-C Polyurethane Flow
   Applied at 4 MM


Impermeable System

Adhesion to Substrate

IAAF Certified
Yes, at 13 MM Embedded
Yes at 13.4 MM Encapsulated

3rd Party Warranty

Force Reduction
35 - 50%

Coefficient of Friction
>/ 0.5 (47 TRRL Scale)

Tensile Strength
>/ 0.4 Mpa

Elongation at Break
>/ 40%

Perak Stadium, MalaysiaUniversity of CincinnatiFBI Training Center
Gagetown AFB, CanadaStrake Jesuit College Sand Springs High School
Roswell High SchoolWestminster Christian AcademyDouglas County High School
Capital University - Bernlohr StadiumWheatley Heights Sports ComplexGreene County High School
City of GainesvilleFirst Baptist AcademyRiverdale Baptist
Maryvale Preparatory SchoolMuskingum High School Hudson High School
Tri-Cities High SchoolHolton High SchoolMerryville High School