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BSS 3000

BSS 3000 - Running Track & Field Surface

Beynon Sports Surfaces has once again raised the bar in track & field. The new BSS 3000 is faster and more athlete-friendly - as well as more environmentally-friendly - than any track & field surface available today.

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Functionally Superior. Environmentally Friendly

Not only is the BSS 3000 best-in-class in terms of performance, but unlike other full pour track surfaces, the BSS 3000 contains no SBR. Extensive R&D efforts and rigorous testing have been combined to deliver this remarkable advancement in track & field surfacing.

Among the BSS 3000’s key benefits:

  • Speed: Efficiently converts impact energy into kinetic energy, leading to faster times
  • Safety: Innovative gel technology produces an ultra-soft elastomer with viscoelastic behavior that allows for superior shock absorbing properties
  • Eco-Friendly: Approximately 300,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide is prevented from entering the atmosphere when installing the BSS 3000 system versus a standard full pour track system
  • Highly customizable: Force reduction (softness/firmness) can be adjusted to meet your specifications by increasing the surface’s leveling layer size and decreasing the gel cushion layer
  • Durability: The BSS 3000 does not contain any inexpensive SBR, resulting in a surface with unmatched durability and longevity.
Full Pour Polyurethane

Force Reduction
   2-C Polyurethane at 2 MM

   2-C Polyurethane GEL
   Elastomer Layer at 7 MM

Wear Layer
   EPDM Broadcast into 2-C
   Polyurethane at 5 MM

Contains SBR

Adhesion to Substrate

IAAF Certified
Yes, at 13.7 MM

3rd Party Warranty
Force Reduction
35 - 50%

Vertical Deformation
0.6 MM - 2.5 MM

Coefficient of Friction
>/ 0.5 (47 TRRL Scale)

Tensile Strength
>/ 0.5 Mpa

Elongation at Break
>/ 40%
  • Boston University, Jogging Lane
  • University of Kentucky, Practice Lanes