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Polyturf Gymnasium Flooring

Single Durometer

Poured-in-Place Gymnasium Surface

The workhorse of all multi-purpose indoor flooring, gymnasium flooring systems, PolyTurf is a full-depth, poured-in-place polyurethane system that offers maximum durability with minimal maintenance.

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The Workhorse of all Multi-Purpose Flooring Systems

PolyTurf is a full-depth two-component, poured-in-place polyurethane system that offers maximum durability with minimal maintenance.

Its seamless surface resists UV degradation and stains, and holds up against abuse from tables, chairs, rolling loads - all while providing high-level athletic performance. You get the best of both worlds: high resiliency and enduring toughness.

After 12-15 years, your PolyTurf system can be easily resurfaced, making this a smart investment for every season.

Performance Properties

 ~.81/# per 1/8" thickness

Tensile Strength Range:
500 PSI to 700 PSI

Hardness Range:
55-65 Shore A

Temperature Stability:
No Change 0oF - 120oF
1.20 - 1.30

Moisture Absorption:
0.8% - 1.05% by weight

Compression Set:
90% to 98% immediate recovery
after 72 hours at 50%
compression set at 72oF
Ultimate Elongation:
250% - 375%

Compression Properties:
30PSI to 60 PSI at 10%

Fungus Resistance:

PolyTurf is VOC Compliant and exceeds all VOC regulations.

Water-based color and gameline options are available upon request.

Camden County College - PapianoBig Spring Middle SchoolSherrard Junior & Senior High School
Ocean County BaptistGlenbard South High SchoolStaunton Unit School
City of Ocean City Civic CenterCollege of Misericordia Hunterdon Central Regional High School
Lacey Township High SchoolLewiston Central SchoolHighland Park Middle & High School
Rhode Island Training School for YouthEgg Harbor Township Community CenterSounderton Area High School
Ansonia Boys & Girls ClubTower Hill School CarpenterNorth Fulton County High School
Essex Community CollegeCrossroads Middle School