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PolyTurf Multipurpose

Improved Traction and Ball Speed for Tennis 

Beynon Sports’ PolyTurf Plus with Multipurpose Texture provides the ideal sports surface for facilities looking to incorporate tennis and other racquet sports alongside basketball and volleyball. The multipurpose texture is completely nonabrasive and provides a coefficient of friction equal to traditional acrylic court surfaces but with the dual-durometer shock absorbency of Beynon’s surfacing technology.

Overview Technical Data References

Beynon’s Multipurpose Texture can be adjusted to increase or decrease the slip resistance based on the functional requirements of the fieldhouse or gymnasium through a specific augmentation in the BEYCOAT waterbased coating systems. The Multipurpose Texture can be applied throughout the entire facility or in specialized areas where it is helpful to coaches and athletes to have amplified slip resistance.

PolyTurf Plus with Multipurpose Texture has been certified as GreenGuard Gold™, which means this surface is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. PolyTurf Plus with Multipurpose Texture is referenced by both The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System.

Performance Properties

 ~.81/# per 1/8" thickness

Tensile Strength Range:
500 PSI to 700 PSI

Hardness Range:
55-65 Shore A

Temperature Stability:
No Change 0oF - 120oF
1.20 - 1.30

Moisture Absorption:
0.8% - 1.05% by weight

Compression Set:
90% to 98% immediate recovery
after 72 hours at 50%
compression set at 72oF
Ultimate Elongation:
250% - 375%

Compression Properties:
30PSI to 60 PSI at 10%

Fungus Resistance:

PolyTurf Plus is VOC Compliant and exceeds all VOC regulations.

Water-based and gameline options are available upon request