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Environmental Leadership

Beynon Sports has been a pioneer in the development of environmentally sustainable athletic surfaces since our reception. Our state-of-the-art athletic surfaces provide a high performance medium for exercise and healthy living. Beynon Sports systems are designed to meet the stringent criteria required to earn points under numerous categories of LEED 2009 and USGBC criteria. Additionally, our products can assist architects and designers in obtaining important credits toward LEED certification.

Each product designed and manufactured, and every athletic surfacing system installed by Beynon Sports contains no heavy metals, by design. This means that every product formulated by Beynon Sports is zero-mercury or mercury-free.

A few of our sustainable components and environmentally-friendly research and development initiatives include:

  • 100% SOLIDS PRIMER - A two-component primer formulated for use on concrete substrates. Zero solvents are added. The primer is based on a new technology utilizing cashew oil
  • ALIPHATIC COATINGS - Beynon Sports manufactured and supplied coatings exceed all federal and state regulations for volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • 100% SOLIDS 1-C SPRAY - Beynon Sports is the only manufacturer to supply a 100% solids single-component structural spray, thus eliminating exposure to solvents
  • WATER-BASED 1-C SPRAY - A revolutionary single-component structural spray for use in the application of texturing layers with no free isocyanate. This product is ideal for use around turf fields and enclosed areas
  • BEYPUR 250 - this two-component urethane utilizes natural-based polyols for the most environmentally friendly polyurethane formulation on the market today
  • WATER-BASED 2-C INDOOR COATING - Odorless and solvent-free indoor coating for gymnasium and fieldhouse systems.

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