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Customer Commitment

Beynon Sports is committed to providing customers the highest level of workmanship and customer service. We stand behind our products and the experience of working with Beynon Sports. It is our goal that each client that utilizes a sports surface or athletic surfacing component designed and manufactured by Beynon Sports be 100% satisfied. Any deficiencies in providing the highest level of service will be addressed immediately.

Beynon Sports employees are committed to diligently executing each of our duties thoroughly and conscientiously. Our highly skilled professionals design, engineer, manage and service each project, and we carefully ensure that our products meet your unique specifications from beginning to end.

Quality Assurance

From your initial inquiry into Beynon Sports’ offerings, our dedicated personnel give you undivided, one-on-one attention. We listen to you and work with you to get the final Track and Field, Fieldhouse or Gymnasium athletic surfacing system that fits your needs. Only Beynon Sports can manufacture your sports surface to your specification, which makes it easier to give you the track and field surface you desire, whether it's ideal for competition or perfect for extended risk-free training.

Even after your track and field system has been installed Beynon Sports, we continue to offer industry leading quality assurance through Beynon’s FastTrack Maintenance Program. The FastTrack Maintenance Program ensures each Beynon Sports synthetic track and field surface continues to perform like new and offers both superior aesthetics and performance. Proper maintenance of a Beynon Sports synthetic track surface will not only keep your track looking and running its best, but also extends its life span. The FastTrack Program is offered to all synthetic track owners as a cost saving option through track inspections, repairs, re-striping and resurfacing.

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