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  1. Are your all-weather tracks, indoor and gymnasium surfaces safe for the environment?
    • Beynon Sports is not only committed to living up to environmental standards, but exceeding them. All Beynon Sports products are zero-mercury or mercury free. For more information please visit Beynon Sports’ Environmental Standards
  2. Are your all-weather tracks, indoor and gymnasium surfaces safe for athletes?
    • Yes, our bio-engineered sport surfaces are designed to allow athletes to train hard and run fast times while helping athletes avoid injuries and spend less time with their trainers. Our surfaces are seamless, will not harden with age, are produced with the highest quality products and are installed by certified installation teams.
  3. How long should the sub base cure before pouring the surface?
    • Your sub base should cure for 28 days before pouring the surface. The curing time is necessary for the oils in the asphalt and the water in the cement to bake out or evaporate. This is especially true for non-permeable surfaces where the oils or water are essentially trapped in once the surface is completed. Rushing the curing time can lead to delamination and bubbling issues.
  4. What track system is right for me?
    • When selecting the proper athletic surface there are many factors to consider, including but not limited to; what will the surface be used for, what is your budget, will there be a sports field inside of it? To find the right system for you please contact your Regional Sales Representative or visit our website.
  5. Why are some of your track surfaces Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) free?
    • The performance and customization of a full pour polyurethane track and field system is directly correlated to the quality and quantity of two-component polyurethane used in the system. Many similarly priced competitors fill their surfaces with inexpensive and low performance SBR. While it lowers the cost it also reduces the overall performance and longevity of the surface. This is why Beynon Sports has two SBR free systems and include up to 15% more Polyurethane and 2-3 times less SBR filler than other companies in our other systems.
  6. Do you install track, indoor and gymnasium surfaces world-wide?
    • Yes, Beynon Sports has installed, and is available to install athletic surfaces world-wide through our network of local distributors across the globe. For more information on installations outside of the United States and Canada please contact our corporate office. For information about Europe please contact Rodolfo Cluesner
  7. Are your athletic surfaces IAAF certified?
    • Yes, Beynon Sports leads the industry with eight IAAF certified surfaces. We have an IAAF certified surface for your every need. Most companies have three IAAF certified surfaces.
  8. What factors should I look for in selecting the proper athletic surface and supplier?
    • When selecting a proper athletic surface supplier there are numerous factors to consider, including but not limited to; quality of products used, where the materials are manufactured, client references, financial stability of the manufacturer and installer, are they LEED approved, and what professional organizations they belong to?
  9. Where have Beynon Sports’ all-weather track and field surface and indoor sports surfaces been installed?
  10. How long should I expect a Beynon Sports’ track to last?
    • The exact number of years can vary based on the product chosen, maintenance and weather; however, on average you should expect to get 12-15 years with our BSS 1000, 2000 and 3000 series. Beynon has many tracks in use today that are more than 25-years old. Once your surface needs to be replaced Beynon has the technology to resurface your track for a fraction of the cost of installing a new one.
  11. How do I maintain my Beynon Sports surface?
  12. How much will my Beynon Sports surface cost?

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