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Beynon Financing

The upfront cost of an new surface can make it difficult to turn your track of dreams into a reality. Beynon Financial can help you get one step closer. 

It’s the best way to get what you need today, without a capital campaign or voter approval. With Beynon Financial Services, the process is simple - provide a small down payment on your Beynon track or fieldhouse purchase and the balance can be paid off over the next 8 years (or less). 

Beynon Financial Services allows you to match your needs today with the reality of your annual budget by: 

  • Spreading the cost of your track or fieldhouse project into monthly, quarterly or annual payments that match the timing of fiscal budgets. 
  • Hedging inflation by budgeting today’s costs with today’s revenues and pairs future costs with future revenues so there is no long-term budgetary variance. 
  • Allowing for payments to be spread over multiple budget periods or fiscal years. 
  • Helping our customers manage the uncertainties of an ever-changing economic environment and evolving budgetary and revenue cycles. 
  • Augmenting today’s budgets to incorporate a total project solution including complete track and field design, construction and comprehensive integration costs. 
  • Aligning the costs of a new Beynon track or fieldhouse to its useful life and lifecycle costs – making your new athletic facility surface pay for itself over time through savings and revenues.
  • Complying with all municipal financing and annual budget appropriation requirements, and all documentation includes the necessary non-appropriation language. 

Beynon Financial Services and PNC Bank are committed to providing financial solutions designed to meet your specific budget and fiscal requirements. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive financing solution to our customers that helps achieve your budget objectives today.

Beynon Sports has teamed with PNC Bank, the leader in financing public and private sports facilities, to provide budget and payment solutions for Beynon Sports’ products and projects. Beynon and PNC partnered to offer you an opportunity unprecedented in the industry: to use and own a premium track and field or fieldhouse system by making affordable monthly payments.

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