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Beynon Safety

Beynon Sports understands that one track does not fit all. That’s why we are the only athletic surfacing company that offers customized track and field and fieldhouse surfaces with our BSS 1000, BSS 2000 and BSS 3000 sports surfacing systems.

Your BSS 1000, BSS 2000 or BSS 3000 athletic surface can be TUNED to the force reduction specifications that match your desired feel under foot. Customizing your track is the key to your athletes’ top performance and only Beynon Sports can achieve the force reduction range of the track and field surface to make it more forgiving for distance, or firmer for explosive events.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a track and field surface is the safety of the athlete. Beynon Sports has been focused on this core principle since the inception of our product suite, and it is one of the key competitive advantages when considering a BSS track and field system.

“The Beynon track is easier on the athletes. I spoke with several coaches about their tracks and the common consensus was that other surfaces were much harder and injuries were more common place, particularly in colder climates. The poured surface is substantially more forgiving and since our track has been in place stress fractures have become almost non-existent in our program .” - Ralph Spry, Head Coach, Auburn University

“While SI misalignments are common in power speed athletes in a competitive setting, the severity and frequency of said problems magnifies when competing or training on the (rolled rubber) surface”. – Dan Pfaff, World class Track & Field coach

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