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Competitor Analysis

Below please find a brief chart comparing Beynon Full Pour Polyurethane Track and Field Surfaces to the Rubber Sheet Good Products. As one can see, the benefits of Beynon polyurethane products far outweigh the other options in the market.

     Beynon Sports Surfaces            Rolled Rubber
Physical PropertiesMay vary slightly as produced in varying climatic conditions.Uniform, factory produced but will vary at bends as the material is stretched around the radius.
Force ReductionCan be tailored within certain limits by system selection and variation of thickness. The force reduction changes little to nothing over the years.Force reduction depends on the consumption of adhesive that partly fills the holes on the backside of the mat. Experience shows that surfaces harden significantly over the years.
JointsSeamless.Multiple seams.
ThicknessDependent on the level of sub-base.Uniform, factory produced but will vary at bends as the material is stretched around the radius.
Adhesion to BaseExcellent adhesion to prepared sub-base.Depends on adhesive and weather during application and for some time after. Weighting is usually necessary on seams and edges.
ShrinkageNo noticeable shrinkage during curing.Gaps may appear at the seams and edges if temperature drops during adhesive cure period.
AppearanceUniform. Surfaces finished with high quality EPDM or aliphatic sealing lacquer maintain color and gloss.Multiple seams. In many cases the colors fade. Special colors can change significantly.
DurabilityHigh. Local repairs can be done easily.  For a complete resurfacing please see refer to the BSS 2000 Resurfacing SystemMediocre. Difficult to repair local defects in an esthetical manner. Normally, worn-out surfaces are replaced and not resurfaced.  Disposal costs can be involved.
ResurfacingYes, with a strong chemical bond that can exceed 400psiNo
IAAF ApprovedYes, on eight (8) systemsYes, most average about three (3) IAAF approved surfaces
Beynon Poured-in-place-Polyurethane vs. Prefabricated Rubber Sheet Goods

Beynon Full Pour vs. Competitor Full Pour

When comparing similar priced surfaces, our competitors’ track and field surfaces contain up to 15% less two component polyurethane than Beynon Sports, and have 2-3 times the amount of Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR).

Beynon Sports never compromises on quality which is why two of our full pour polyurethane surfaces, the BSS 2000 and BSS 3000 contain no SBR filler.

           BSS 1000         Conipur M TM          Rekortan TM
Weight PSY            29.30lbs            32.82lbs           32.90lbs
Percentage of Two-Component Polyurethane              65%               45%              47%
Percentage of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)              23%               16%              15%
Percentage of Styrene Butadiene              12%               39%              38%
Beynon Full Pour Polyurethane vs. Competitor Full Pour Polyurethane

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