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Cost Analysis

Beynon Sports Surfaces offers over 10 different track and field surfaces to meet a full range of budgets and demand profiles. By contacting your local sales manager or our main office in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Beynon Sports can provide you with a budget quotation to install your new Beynon track and field system.

Beynon: The Smart Investment

One of the most important considerations when selecting a track and field system is the examination of lifecycle cost and when comparing rolled rubber sheet goods to polyurethane surfaces. At first analysis, the increased initial cost of the sheet good is clear. However, when the time comes for track refurbishment, the gap widens even more. Unlike a polyurethane system, a rubber sheet good cannot be resurfaced, but rather, requires total replacement after 12 to 15 years. With this scope comes the cost of milling and repaving the asphalt base as the existing subsurface is damaged during track removal.

Beynon's Cost to Own vs. Rolled Rubber
Year 0 Year 5 Years 12 - 15 Years 16-20 Total
Cost to install Cost to Restripe Cost to Resurface or Remove and Replace Cost to Restripe
Rubber sheet good $510,000 $7,500$720,000$7,500$1,245,000
Full Pour Polyurethane @10mm $318,000 $7,500 $252,000 $7,500 $585,000
Full Pour Polyurethane @13mm $360,000 - $252,000 - $612,000

A 6,000 square-yard, full-pour, polyurethane track at 13 millimeters thickness comes with an initial investment of approximately $360,000. Compared to a rolled rubber sheet good at around $510,000, the initial savings amount to $150,000. Additional savings are realized as the product matures. Around year 12 a full-pour track can be resurfaced to look and perform like new at a cost of approximately $252,000, guaranteeing performance for another 8 to 10 years. After 12 years of use, a rolled rubber sheet good cannot be resurfaced or touched up, instead requiring total replacement at a cost equal to the initial investment of $510,000, plus the recommended asphalt base replacement (which gets damaged upon track removal) at an additional cost of $210,000. After 20 years, the cost of a rolled rubber sheet good is $1,245,000, a whopping $633,000 more than a full-pour surface! From a cost standpoint, the answer seems to be evident.


At Beynon Sports we understand that obtaining funding and approval for large athletic improvements can be an overwhelming task, sometimes taking years to fundraise and complete. With our financing plan, you can build your dream track and field facility today and begin taking advantage of the many benefits associated with partnering with a firm as financially stable as Beynon Sports.

To make the goal of installing the highest quality outdoor or indoor track and field facility become a reality, Beynon Sports has established a financing program for all types of customers utilizing public funding - whether you’re building a community, school, or NCAA track and field stadium.

Our financing plan represents the industry's premier vehicle for effective and inexpensive financing and was the first program of its kind developed by a track and field surfacing manufacturer.

Plan Highlights

Compared to a bond, there is a non-appropriation clause, and repayment is not a general obligation of the entity.

  • Our financing programs are not time consuming and do not require a public referendum / vote
  • Bond rates on a lease are available under certain programs
  • The track surface is the collateral and not tax revenues or the real estate

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We offer each customer a free consultation in order to help us provide you with an accurate quote for your athletic facility project. Bottom line - we're here to help you get the Beynon Sports' athletic surfacing system that is right for you.

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