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Unlike competing rubber sheet good products, Beynon Sports’ products are resilient by formulation and the physical properties of our IAAF Certified systems do not change as they are exposed to the elements. Rolled rubber sheet goods are very firm upon installation and have a tendency to become even harder over time as the plasticizers are released from the product when exposed to UV. This hardness can lead to various injuries, including shin splints, stress fractures and other joint damage - contradictory to the goal of creating a safe training or long-distance competition environment.

“Our sport is driven by results; with a Beynon track we feel we are giving our athletes the very best opportunity to achieve the desired result. This speaks to the very essence of our coaching philosophy; enthusiastically provide the very best situation for each and every one of our athletes to reach their goals and dreams in the sport. A Beynon track allows us to create an environment of success for all our athletes. Our new track is the center point of our program. It is the catalyst for all our programs goals. With this in mind – Beynon was the clear choice for our program.” – Dan Waters, Track and Field Coach, University of Alabama

If speed and performance rank at the top of your list when looking at tracks, Beynon Sports full pour track and field systems have long been recognized as the leading tracks in the world. It’s no wonder more than 110 NCAA Division I track and field programs and hundreds of high schools across North American and countless venues around the world count themselves as Beynon customers.

Everyone is looking for that secret ingredient that can take their team from simply being a participant to being a contender, while there is no simple equation or formula that can guarantee success there is one common denominator amongst all of the elite teams in the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field standings. The Track & Field programs that trained and competed daily on a Beynon track in 2012 outdistanced their competitors throughout the season and during the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships.


A few record breaking performances of note:

  • Tyson Gay set a new American record on the Hayward track at the Olympic Trials during the weekend of June 27, 2008. Gay ran two memorable 100-meter times—first 9.77 seconds and then 9.68
  • During the 2012 Olympic trials at the same Hayward track Ashton Eaton broke the world record for the Decathlon with an impressive score of 9039 points
  • At the 2012 Canadian Olympic Trials Jessica Zelinka broke the Canadian Heptathlon record with a score of 6599.

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